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Personalized B2B prospect lists that drive ROI for agencies & sales teams

24 hour delivery and including personalized first lines makes this offer convert like crazy!

Manually verified B2B prospect list

Manually Verified

Our team manually verifies each prospect to make sure it's in line with your ideal client profile (ICP).

Direct dial phone number B2B prospect lists

Direct Dials

If all else fails, nothing beats a cold call. Add direct dial phone numbers to your lists at no additional cost.

Personalized First Lines for Cold Email Included

Personalized First Lines

Boost reply rates by up to 30%. We include well researched first lines for each prospect.

LinkedIn URL B2B prospect list

LinkedIn URLs

Import our lists into any LinkedIn automation tool and reach out omnichannel for best results.

B2B email prospect lists for cold emailing

Valid Email Addresses

Emails that bounce are not acceptable. Our lists are guaranteed to be deliverable.

24 hour delivery B2B prospect list

24 Hour Delivery

You don't have time to waste. Order now and receive your personalized B2B list within 24 hours - wow.

Earn 15% commissions when you refer your audience to ListKit

Passive income is the dream, ListKit affiliates can live that reality. Earn commissions for referring ListKit to your audience while you kick back!

Focus on high value activities, we will build your prospect lists

100% unique offer

No one else is offering a done-for-you B2B list building service that includes personalized first lines. This is your chance to add massive value to your audience.

Direct link from your domain

Sync your domain and use your own website as an automated affiliate link, no need for link cloakers.

Ensure your b2b prospect lists will get ROI
Don't waste time and money on bad lists and slow freelancers for b2b prospect lists

Use our social share buttons

When you’re logged in to your affiliate account and you use our social share buttons, your affiliate link automatically gets added – easy!

Help your network scale without worrying about lists

Imagine running campaigns, focusing on return on investment, and never worrying about prospect lists ever again… Your network will thank you.

Scale your agency or company with reliable b2b data

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Refer your network to the immense value that ListKit is offering and, if they purchase, receive a 15% commission.

Do the lists include personalized first lines?

Yes. Each prospect has a well thought out personalized first line for your cold outreach referencing some detail about what they’ve shared on social media or their product/service via their website.

Why do I need personalized first lines?

Personalizing the first lines of your cold outreach emails or LinkedIn messages will boost reply rates as much as 30% over sending the same generic message over and over.

Why is this a good opportunity?

If you are speaking to B2B agency owners, sales pros, or entrepreneurs, chances are, they’re building prospect lists and getting new business with cold outreach.

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