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B2B List Building
B2B List Building
B2B List Building
B2B List Building
B2B List Building
B2B List Building

Simplify your B2B list building process

Fill out a quick form and receive your manually verified, personalized prospect list in 24 hours.

Manually verified B2B prospect list

Manually Verified

Our team manually verifies each contact to make sure it's in line with your ideal client profile (ICP).

Direct dial phone number B2B prospect lists

Direct Dials

If all else fails, nothing beats a cold call. Add direct dial phone numbers to your lists at no additional cost.

Personalized First Lines for Cold Email Included

Personalized First Lines

Boost reply rates by up to 30%. We include well researched first lines for each prospect.

LinkedIn URL B2B prospect list

LinkedIn URLs

Import our lists into any LinkedIn automation tool and reach out omnichannel for best results.

B2B email prospect lists for cold emailing

Valid Email Addresses

Emails that bounce are not acceptable. Our lists are guaranteed to be deliverable.

24 hour delivery B2B prospect list

24 Hour Delivery

You don't have time to waste. Order now and receive your personalized B2B list within 24 hours - wow.

People ❤️ ListKit

Fast and detailed
I've tried a few similar types of services like this before and was hesitant to try this, but just seeing the initial questions I was asked, I knew this would be different. My list was turned around really fast and was really accurate. Some services you get mixed results but this was very well done. I had some specifications for the personalization lines and again, everything was really accurate and how I wanted it. I'm looking forward to seeing how my first email campaign with this list goes!
I got my life back - UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT
Nothing makes me happier than when something 'is what it claims to be.' Listkit far surpassed my expectations - it brought peace back to my life. The data is great, personalization is borderline unbelievable, and the final product - your sheet - is beautiful & well-formatted. Blown away by it all, truly. Thank you guys.
Sinply incredible value
Extremely impressed with what I got (in almost exactly 24 hours). Will definitely be buying again. Props to Andre and the team for making it this easy!
No-brainer offer, high quality first lines
Seriously, buying a list from these guys is a no-brainer. Think of what these softwares alone would cost. Roughly $50-$150 per month in scraping tools, cleaning the email to make sure they don't bounce, then time and/or money involved to get you a personalized first line. You come out ahead in every scenario with ListKit. Could not recommend enough.
Very Impressed
Very impressed with the service these guys are providing. I input my lead requirements and within 24 hrs had a list of 100 leads in my inbox, complete with backup first lines. Takes the stress out of lead gen and will 100% be using the service again.
Very impressed
Finding quality data was a big issue for me - it's literally one of the differences between success and failure with out reach. I'm impressed with the ease of use and quality of data by Listkit. I'm their newest regular customer!
Can I rate this 6 stars?
Incredibly useful for any type of business that needs to reach out to high quality leads in a short amount of time with enough personalization to make the prospect believe its not automated. Awesome idea and awesome execution with listkit – it is the ultimate time saver and frees up the tedious tasks of being an agency owner. Only a few days into this SaaS but so far great stuff!
Mobile App Leads
Andre and co got me 250 mobile owners overnight. Had been struggling to prospect for app owners and they got it done. For the cost of a first line writer on UpWork they sent me awesome first lines along with leads. Great service will use again.
Fast & Effective
It simply works. Get back lines quick and easy for your own list of prospects or a list they custom build for you. The lines were the same quality you'd normally get having a human go through and write them manually. Highly recommend.
Great Service & People
Not only is this one of the best services to use for cold outreach, the guys behind it are great too. Andre helped me with a minor account issue so if you have a problem, they have your back. The guys behind this really know what they're doing. The kit comes with two lines (primary and backup). The backup personalized line is perfect for your follow ups. Saves me a lot of time.
Superfast service, perfect targeting
I'd like to say I'm very impressed with the quality of the leads turned around by the guys at Listkit. The prospects are all real bonafide decision makers, within my exact specifications. Great quality. Can't thank you enough. Now, to cold outreach!
Great first order
I got in on the black Friday promo and my only regret is that I didn't buy more leads. Out of a hundred leads 2 bounced , 75% open rate ,8.7 % ctr and 13.04 reply rate and two meetings. One meeting today and another in January. The replay rate is just crazy part, because I have gotten as high as 83% but my replies never pasted 3% before. I highly recommend!
Very impressed
Very impressed with the quality of service and fast delivery. The leads were excellent quality and the personalized lines that came with them were great too. Made getting my campaigns up and running that much faster and less hassle than they usually are. Even when there was a tiny issue with my list, the team was extremely prompt and accommodating to fix my problem - which they did so immediately. All in all super happy with ListKit and I will be buying leads from them again.
Great service
Really enjoyed the process - was clear to understand & the leads came on time as promised
Exactly What Was Expected
First lines that generate responses/opens and are delivered in 24 hours. Targeting was just as I had described, really can't ask for anything more. Building the list is the most annoying part, in my opinion, these guys ensure the email is verified and have backup lines to boost follow-up emails just as much. In my first two days of campaigns I am at 70% open rates, first lines work!

We specialize in B2B list building to help agencies & B2B service businesses thrive.

You didn’t start your business to deal with endless spreadsheets, expensive freelancers, and missed deadlines. Let us handle the data, so you can focus on delivering ROI for your clients.

Ensure your b2b prospect lists will get ROI

We build your lists

You need quality B2B list building with no bounced emails, relevant first lines, and prospects that fit your ideal client profile. That’s why our team checks every prospect manually.

Start getting leads asap

We deliver your B2B contact list in 24 hours, so you can start sending outreach immediately

Scale your agency or company with reliable b2b data

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Make a payment, fill out our simple onboarding form, and receive your manually verified, personalized contact list in 24 hours.

Do the lists include personalized first lines?

Yes. Each contact has 2 well researched personalized first lines for your cold outreach.

Can I talk to a real person about this?

Of course, go ahead and book a demo call.

Why do I need personalized first lines?

Personalizing the first lines of your cold outreach emails or LinkedIn messages will boost reply rates as much as 30% over sending the same generic message over and over.

How do I know I'll get results?

Each contact on our lists is manually verified by human beings to be in line with your ideal customer.

Can I see a sample list?

Absolutely. Click here to check out a sample.

We'll do the list building