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How to Create a Client Feedback Loop

Automated client feedback loop

Client retention is so important, and should be prioritized.

It’s an extremely underrated way to increase revenue, generate better testimonials, and grow your agency.

Enter: Client Feedback Loops.

In this article we’ll show you how to create and automate a client feedback loop so you get real insights on the quality their sales calls.

This can work for any type of agency, we’ll be focusing on cold outreach, outbound-focused agencies as an example.

What is a Client Feedback Loop?

When you’re providing services to clients, there is an expectation that it’s an investment and will make them money. We call this Return on Investment (ROI).

If you don’t know the quality of the results you’re providing them, you’re shooting in the dark!

You can think you’re doing a great job, but without feedback directly from the client you really don’t know how your work is affecting their business.

This is what a Client Feedback Loop is for.

It creates a constant loop of feedback between you and the Client to ensure they’re giving feedback about results and the quality of your service every step of the way.

This can happen every day, every week, every month, or when results are delivered to them.

If you don’t have this implemented in your business already, this will be a game changer.

We’ll show you how to build a Client Feedback Loop that delivers feedback directly in Slack, so your team can discuss!

How to Build an Automated Client Feedback Loop

There are 3 steps to creating an automated Client Feedback Loop:

Step 1: Set up a google form with simple questions that clients can answer quickly

The key here is: don’t make them spend too much time on the feedback or else they just won’t do it.

A simple client feedback form to make sure they fill it out

Our form is kept to a bare minimum, asking for:

  • A quality score on a scale of 0-5*
  • Explanation to justify the score provided*
  • Anything we can do to make improvements to the quality of calls

The first 2 fields are required.

Step 2: Automate a message to your client via slack or email 30 minutes after the call ends

The message:

The message: “Please take 60 seconds to fill out the sales appointment feedback form so we can get insights on your call with PROSPECT. thank you in advance”.

Setting up Slack to get feedback from our client
Important to note that we choose not to send the message as a bot within slack. this gives the impression that we’re sending the message manually, which gives it a more personalized feel.

Now that you’ve set up the zap prompting the prospect to fill our the feedback form…

3. Create a zap that notifies you when a client submits the form

An example of Zapier automation for client feedback loops

This Zap will trigger when a client submits a new form response, so you will get real-time feedback on how the call went.

Here’s the overview we set up:

Using a Google Form and Zapier to get client feedback
Just like the form itself, we keep the overview brief so we can quickly address their feedback.

Here’s how the overview appears in our internal Slack channel:

Client feedback loop in Slack

Bottom Line

Client Feedback Loops are critical to scaling your business with a good retention rate.

People get so obsessed with client acquisition, they forget to implement simple feedback processes like this.

These feedback forms give us great insights into the quality of results that we’re booking for clients, they keep our relationship transparent, and they show us exactly what we need to improve upon / look for in future prospects before booking the call.

Implement this right now and boost revenue without signing on new clients!

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